Growing & preparation


Only the best fruit is grown to produce the juices of FarmersJuice. The fruit is harvested at exactly the right moment and is then stored refrigerated. Before the actual squeezing, the juice will be sorted, washed and ground into a pulp. Subsequently the juice gets squeezed out of this pulp. After this, the juice is refined by passing it through a coarse filter. Because we’re not using a very fine-meshed filter, the juice still contains some pulp. The juice is all natural, we’re not extracting anything and we’re not adding anything.

Residual product
After juicing, the dry pulp is being taken to a biogas plant. There bacteria eat the pulp and in turn produce biogas in exchange.

FarmersJuice has a unique taste and it fits right in with the taste of the consumer who consciously chooses for 100% pure and natural.