Our story

What makes FarmersJuice so special?

We let nature be nature. The juices of FarmersJuice are being pressed at our farm. Our orchard dates back to the very birth of the Flevopolder. In the ’90’s we added the production of juices to our core business of growing fruit, using fruit from our own orchard. We are still juicing our own juices to this very day. And we still don’t make any concessions to the fruit we’re using. This means we do not use any artificial additives of any kind. We let nature be nature The sweet taste of our juices comes from the sugars that naturally present in the fruit.

A part of the assortment is organic. The products are being produced in an authentic way and the ingredients are all being selected very carefully. Only the best ingredients are good enough. And you can definitely taste that in our product.

With FarmersJuice, you’re getting nothing but the best